'Shelter In Bates'

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Title : 'Shelter In Bates'
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'Shelter In Bates'

Bringing Up Bates "Shelter In Bates"

  • Lawson has been in Arkansas during the lockdown but decided to fly himself home for a visit with the family. Kelly has heard about the productivity of others during this time. She wants to accomplish an organizing project, so she asks Lawson to help her put together a new shelf to expand her pantry. 
  • At Zach and Whitney’s house, Zach is still working as a police officer. When he returns home, he always makes sure to change and wash his hands before going near the kids.
  • Carlin and Erin are unable to come over to the small warehouse in Whitney’s backyard, so Zach is taking on new duties in the boutique. “I thought I knew everything that a guy needed to know about girls’ dresses and girls’ style,” says Zach. “But there is so much more to know, I’ll just tell you.”
  • At the Keilen home, Brandon is working from home as he usually does, but Michaela is now studying from home instead of attending in-person nursing classes.
  • “…Not too much changed for me in a bad way,” says Brandon. “One thing changed in a really good way. Michaela started staying home to study, so that was improvement from my perspective.” In addition to working, Brandon has been taking an online video course to improve his skills.
  • “I think every time I see somebody hurting, it deepens the passion for wanting to be in the field and help and make a difference,” says Michael, who is eager to finish her education and start working. “But definitely, the passion is growing seeing the need and the people who are hurting and need somebody to be there to care for them medically and comfort them at this time.”In Springdale, Arkansas, Jackson is working on a car for a friend. “It’s a lot of fun hanging with friends, but after a little while, I started missing home a lot,” he says. Meanwhile, Erin explains  the virus to Carson, who wants to pray for all the sick people every night.  Chad has been home and is enjoying time with the family. He and the kids are planting a garden.
  • For his birthday, Jeb goes horseback riding at the Bates ranch with Judson, Lawson, and Trace. They also cook hotdogs over a bonfire. 
  • “These are serious times,” says Lawson. “A lot of people facing things they haven’t faced before. I am so thankful for my family’s support system, how we come together and always lift each other up.”
  • At the Stewart home, Carlin and Evan are busy cooking, exercising, and bonding with Layla. “It’s pretty crazy that we need a pandemic to make us learn to cook,” says Evan.

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